How soon can we get pregnant after a vasectomy reversal?

12 Nov

Most men are able to father children naturally after a vasectomy reversal, often within just a few months. The key thing to remember is that the vasectomy reversal doesn’t make a baby. Rather the reversal simply restores a man’s sperm to the fluid giving him back his fertility so he can make a baby the way men and women are designed. So if you look at a couple that’s the same age and figure out how long it would take for them to naturally conceive if he had not had any vasectomy, then that’s about what it would take for most couples after a vasectomy reversal. Because human conception is inherently inefficient, in general most couples trying to conceive are able to get pregnant within about 4 to 6 to 9 months. Some couples can see within the first few weeks after they try, while other couples can take upwards of a year or more.

Of course for some couples it can take several months to open up the blocked system and get sperm counts up into the normal range. How soon you return toe fertility depends on two factors. First, the urologic microsurgeon that you choose. If you choose a top-rated doctor then you’re going to get much higher success than if you choose somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing or only does an occasional reversal, more as a hobby. This is why you should take the time to choose wisely.

The other factor that determines how quickly you will conceive are primarily female factors. As it turns out as women get older in general their fertility can drop and sometimes drop dramatically. Plus, women will have a higher fertility rate if they are healthy, have a relatively normal weight, and have a normal regular monthly cycle. If a woman has widely irregular cycle, not that classic 27 – 28 days, then it would be smart to get a full workup to see if she’s fertile.

From the guys point of view, it’s always smart to be healthy as well if fertility (and longevity) are important. Just as with the woman, being a relatively normal weight is good for male fertility as studies suggest that significantly excess weight can interfere with hormones and sperm production. Likewise, if the man has significant health problems that are not managed well, that too hurt sperm production and lead to infertility.

If you have any questions but it’s always smart to talk to a male or female fertility expert. During that visit the doctor will perform an examination to look for anything that could be interfering with fertility, and possibly perform some blood tests. vasectomy reversal Obviously, if you have a prior vasectomy there is no reason to check your sperm count as it should be zero. When you’re declared healthy then it smart to go ahead with the vasectomy reversal to restore your fertility so that you can make babies the fun and healthy way. Good luck!

You Need To Know About Vasectomy Reversal Today

12 Oct

words does she have any medical conditions that may prohibit her from being able to achieve the pregnancy because as great of a surgery as I can do to restore restore spur into a man’s ejaculate if I’m not at least addressing the female.

side of this I’ve done that couple no good so I want to know her fertility potential and I also want to know her patients level and I don’t mean this tongue-in-cheek it’s true that there is a difference in how I counsel couples based on when they want to get pregnant and you’d be surprised but not every couple that comes to see me says that they need to be pregnant.

in two months one month six months defer ens back together perfectly and I would come out and say it was a great operation I’m very happy with not only my surgical technique but how things went I have done nothing I’ve done nothing to make that couple any more fertile than they were before their vasectomy because that fluid is so thick that that body the vs defer ens will never be able to push that out to get back to where the sperm really are so if I see thick fluid that is there.

That I know is unable to be ejaculated when I actually put this man back together then that operation can’t be done and I have to go to a slightly different procedure which we’ll talk about but when I do that slightly different procedure success rates go down so for me a great day in the operating room an easier day in the operating room is when I open up that and I still see sperm and if they’re swimming that’s the best possible outcome so if I see motile swimming happy sperm in the defer ens at the time of the reversal and most of the time essentially a hundred percent of the time that man is going to have a good return of spurn to his ejaculate and therefore the chances of pregnancy are gonna skyrocket if I get in and the fluid is clear or thin and at least I’m.