All You Need To Know About West La Movers

26 Feb

That day I watched West La Movers basketball on Thursday at school no I didn’t go to school that day I watched it on TV with dad it was an exciting game too I sometimes go swimming on Friday but not last week it was my friend’s birthday Oh what did you do we went to the cinema to see a film about someone who lived on an island three and what did you do on Wednesday I went to the pool I was there all afternoon was it nice and sunny there yes it was a very hot day.

It was great there for and on Saturday it was basketball again at school with all my friends yes was it a good game yes it was we all enjoyed it five what did you do on Sunday I read a book that dad gave me on my birthday what was it about all about different sports I want to be a sports teacher one day grandma great idea part four look.

At the pictures listen and look there is one example where is Pat’s dad going is that your father walking to the bus stop Pat yes it is Sam where’s he going he’s going to town for mum is he going to the supermarket no I went there yesterday and mums going to the library this afternoon oh I know he’s going to the bank can you see the tick now you listen and tick the box one which one is Pat’s mother is your mother here Pat yes she’s in the garden with my aunts has your mother got straight hair no her hair is curly Oh is she the one in the red dress no she’s wearing trousers today – what does Pat want to buy where are you going to go now Pat I’m going shopping what do you want to buy it’s my birthday on Sunday and I want something new to wear at my party do you want some new trousers no I like a skirt.