Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Tucson Ac Repair

29 Dec

what didn’t work with me okay I got it you stay clear it’s sharp I’ll drop it right down high by four ton all right so let’s get this one into position all right also come here so now we’re gonna actually turn this thing whoops good okay let me just check that all right I’m gonna lift this up a little bit and I just want to come just a little bit.

push good there we go that awesome all right now we just got to reconnect the ductwork sharp edges and we come let me just pry this out a little tiny bit now we just need to cut a nice little piece of sheet metal to seal it up tight you’ll be good keith Tucson air conditioning is braising the copper connections to the line sets brazing is a lot like soldering but it can take.

The extraordinary pressures that come with refrigeration attend we’ve been busy down here we’ve got a new coil secured to the furnace with sheet metal screws at the bottom and at the top all the way around we’ve sealed it really well with this foil tape with the sealant on the back we want to make sure there’s no air that leaks out into the room nice okay here’s.

The line sets the new lines that’s connected they’ve been braised and then the suction line the line that gets colder has actually been insulated so it doesn’t drip anything on the floor right here you can see the PVC connection to the condensate drain which is right down at the bog anytime.