Ideas For Movers

25 Aug

If you were in that situation first things first it makes no sense to argue back and forth with one another, okay they ‘re going to have their point of view you’re going to have your point of view and in either case you’re going to have to meet in the middle houston movers yelp.

So communication is so important with this age group but more importantly listening okay because they just want to be heard they just want to feel like they have a voice and they have an opinion on the matter let them know that you share them and answer all of their questions as openly and as honestly as possible regardless of what you know.

Their reaction is going to encourage them to stay connected with their friends through the phone calls Imean these days you don’t really even have to be face-to-face to stay connected you can go through you know video chat or if there’s parent approved social media sites in order to stay connected.

So maybe giving them some of those resources will allow them to not feel so alone during this transition also possibly seeing if there are ways that they can return to big events like prom or maybe even homecoming will allow them to still have that connection and come to some sort of compromise with you.

Now a few things for you to note after the move is get your kids room unpacked before you do anything else it gives them a place to go and play in while you can focus on the rest of the house maybe let them even help you unpack or decorate their space kind of give them a sense of connection also.

Remember to maintain regular schedules for meals or things like bedtime it gives them a sense of familiarity okay assess how you say it familiarity and it gives them that sense of routine okay so make sure that you keep the same schedule of things that you normally would.

So I hope that helps answer your moving with kids questions now I’m going to go back inside and take care of my little one so if you guys enjoyed our show today please remember to subscribe below otherwise like and share this video with different thanks so much for watching now.

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